Wild Plants of Sydney 
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Searching with 1 minute Grids
The example below shows how you can search an area (in this case Royal National Park) using simple point-and-click drawing procedures. 

The purpose of the search is to get a complete list of all plant species in the area.  After that has been achieved you may look at photographs and descriptions of each.  You may plot the region-wide distribution of any species in the list.  You may refine the list by filtering out, for example, only those species which are rare, or only orchids, or only plants which flower in January, or any other filter characteristic.

Choose a general region
Start with the low-resolution map then Click on the map to select a general area that you want to search.
Choose a better map
Select higher solution version of the map so you see the area to search more clearly. 
Choose a specific area
Select the highest resolution version of the map and sketch the area to search. 
Search for grids
Select the search area option to find all grid data within the sketched area..
Make a List
Click the make-a-list button and the names of all species in the search area will be displayed. 
View individual species
Any species in the list can be highlighted to display a description and a photograph. 
Plot a Map of a Single Species
Click the Distribution button and create a map showing all localities for any species. 
Refine the List
Click the Quick Filter button to limit the list to species classified as rare or threatened.. 
Export or print the list
The entire list (or a filtered subset) can be sent to a printer or saved for later use