Wild Plants of Sydney 
Web versions run with IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari Distribution Maps  Desktop versions run on USB Flash Drives with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP
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There are two levels of resolution for the maps used in the USB version of WPSyd and three in the web version. You may move from one resolution to the next and back again as often as you wish.  The distribution grids are of dimensions 1 minute latitude x 1 minute longitude (about 1.5 km wide and 1.8 km deep - slightly wider in the north, narrower in the south).  Any map can be printed or exported as a high-quality Windows Metafile (in the USB version) or a PDF file (in the web version).

To plot one of these maps you simply enter the name of the plant and click the plot button.  The default map will always be the lowest resolution and the grids will be displayed in different colours corresponding to the date of the most recent records.  All the distribution maps below are of Eucalyptus cunninghamii - Cliff Mallee Ash and are from the web version of WPSyd.

Select a Species
You may select any species and review an image, a description or a low-resolution map.   Then you may plot a more informative map.  
Data Categories
Each colour represents the most recent date (mostly expressed in periods of decades) in which the species was recorded from that grid.
Eucalyptus cunninghamii  Eucalyptus cunninghamii 
Shows simple topographic features across the region
Parks and Reserves
Shows parks, roads, towns on low resolution map 
Eucalyptus cunninghamii  Eucalyptus cunninghamii